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These Terms and Conditions shall go into effect on July 1, 2019. 


1. Objective
In providing Internet-related services through the Infludeo website(below "Site" operated by Infludeo "Company") this Agreement is designed to prescribe the conditions, procedures and other necessary matters of the subscriber (the "members" or "individual members") using the services provided by the company. 


2. Definitions of Terminology
The terms used in this Agreement are defined as follows. 

1. "Site" refers to a hypothetical business place set up by the "company" using information and communication facilities such as terminals (including various wired and wireless devices such as PCs, TVs, portable terminals, etc.) to provide services to "personal members" or a website operated by the company, and is defined as a site that can receive services using an integrated ID and password (hereinafter "integrated account").
- Infludeo: *. infludeo.com
2. "Service" refers to the service provided by the "company" by the company (organizations, operators, institutions) or individuals to DB data for the production of videos of Influencers and to provide classified, aggregated and information for each purpose and all ancillary services provided by the Internet address.
3. "Personal member" means an individual who agrees to these terms and conditions and has been granted a user ID by entering into a service contract with the company to use the service.
4. "Influencer" refers to a member who is entitled to "Influencer" among individual members.
5. "Video" refers to a custom video production service that a client has requested from a specific Influencer.


3. Specifications and amendments to the terms and conditions
1. The company shall post the contents of these terms and conditions, location of the business establishment, business license number, and contact number on the initial screen so that the user can know the contents of these terms and conditions, or notify the users by other means.
2. The company may revise these terms and conditions to the extent that they do not violate the relevant laws, such as the Act on Regulation of Terms and Conditions, the Framework Act on Telecommunications, the Act on Telecommunications Business, and the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization.
3. If the company revises the terms and conditions, it shall notify the amendment by e-mail or notice of the website's initialization from at least seven days before the application date (if the change in the terms and conditions is unfavorable to the consumer).
4. The user has the right to refuse the modified terms and conditions. "User" may express its rejection within 15 days of the notice of the amended terms and conditions. If "User" refuses, "Company" may terminate the contract with "User" after prior notice to "User" for a period of 15 days. If the "user" continues to use the "service" without indicating its rejection, it shall be deemed to agree. 


4. Compliance except Terms and Conditions
1. For matters not stipulated in these terms and conditions, follow the relevant statutes, such as the Act on Regulation of Terms and Conditions, the Framework Act on Telecommunications, the Act on Telecommunications Business, and the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization.
2. When a member uses the service through an individual contract with the company, the individual contract shall take precedence. 


5. the establishment of a service contract
1. The company's service use contract (hereinafter referred to as the 'use contract') is established by the company's consent to the terms of these terms and conditions and the contents of the personal information processing policy (application for membership application) by those who wish to use the service.
2. The person who intends to use the service is deemed to have agreed to these terms and conditions and the privacy policy when the member authentication process is completed after checking the "I agree" on the web at the time of the service application.
3. Acceptance of paragraph 1 shall be established by confirming the applicant's consent to these terms and conditions and completing the membership. 


6. Apply for service use
1. If a customer wants to use this service by joining as a member, he/she shall provide all information (name, belonging, contact number) requested by the company if necessary
2. Any member who has not registered using his or her contact number may not claim any rights.
3. All IDs of the members who applied for the use of another person's name are deleted and may be punished according to the relevant laws.
4. Membership of people under the age of 15 is prohibited. In cases where false statements, age and other information are recorded, disadvantages such as suspension of use, forced eviction or damages may be imposed. 


7. Approval and limitation of applications for use
1. In principle, the company agrees to use the service in the order of reception in the event that the client applying for the use of the service is not affected by the performance of the service or technical difficulties.
2. The company does not accept the use application in the following cases.
- In case the application is not a real name or using another person's name
- In case the application for a service contract is falsely listed
3. The company may withhold approval of the application until the reasons for the restriction on approval are resolved.
- In case the company cannot afford the facility
- In case of technical disruptions to the company
- In case of difficulty in obtaining approval due to other company's circumstances (including cases where the company is attributable) 


8. Content of Service
1. The company may provide the services of Article 2 subparagraph 2., and the contents shall be as follows:
- All services related to video production process
- Advertising service using the DB registered by the member
- All services provided to members by the company through additional development or partnership agreements
2. The detailed regulations concerning the company's services shall be separately displayed on the site or guided. 


9. Service through partnership
1. The company may provide services for individual members to access information on Infludeo registered on the site through other Internet Web sites or offline media such as newspapers and magazines that have entered into the partnership
2. The company shall notify that it may be registered in other sites and media through partnership and shall ensure that the entire list of affiliated sites is available within the site at all times. 


10. Cost of Service
1. Membership of individual members is free. However, separate services for using other services other than the purpose of membership can be provided for a fee, such as additional services to carry out the production of customized videos in detail.
2. When the company provides paid services, the company shall notify the website of the charges.
3. In the event that the amount of paid service is changed, the company shall notify the changed amount by e-mail or notice of the website initialization date at least seven days prior to the application date. However, amounts applied or contracted before the modification are not applied retrospectively. 


11. Service hours
1. The company provides 24 hours of service a day, 24 hours a year, unless there is a particular reason. However, the company may set a separate service time for some of the services provided according to the type or nature of the service, in which case the company shall notify or notify the members of the service hours in advance.
2. The company may temporarily suspend the service in the event of system work time for processing and updating the data, repair work time for resolving obstacles, regular PM work, system replacement work, and line failure. In the case of planned work, the company shall inform the notice box of service interruption time and work details. 


12. Stop Service Delivery
1. The company may suspend the provision of the service in any of the following cases
- In case the members are notified in advance of the company's needs, such as the repair of facilities;
- In case a service provider stops providing telecommunication services
- In case service provision is objectively impossible due to other compelling reasons
2. In the case of the preceding paragraph, the company shall compensate users of paid services with a fixed period of time by extending the period of service. 


13. Providing information and publishing advertisements
1. The company may provide various information by e-mail, letter mail, SMS (Short Message Service), or Multimedia Message Service (MMS) if the member accepts the information that is deemed necessary to use the service or to improve the service and to introduce the service to the member target.
2. The company may post information or advertisements related to the services it provides on the service screen, on its website, and inform its members through e-mail, SMS and MMS.
3. The company shall not be held liable for all losses and damages incurred by the members participating in or communicating with or engaging in the advertisers' promotional activities through this service unless there is a case of the company's intentional or gross negligence.
4. The members of this service shall be deemed to agree to the advertising publications exposed when using the service. 


14. Responsibility of the contents of the data and the authority of the company to modify
1. Data content refers to personal information registered by a member and posts posted on the website.
2. The member shall faithfully prepare the contents of the data and the postings based on facts and if the contents of the data are not true or inaccurate, the member shall assume all responsibility for the result.
3. The member shall manage and prepare all data contents, even if the member himself is entrusted with the principle or the circumstances, and the member shall periodically check his data and try to maintain it accurately.
4. The company may amend the data registered by an individual member at any time if there is a phrase that goes against the pattern or social conventional wisdom.
5. In the event that a request for deletion has been received from another person (or other company) for false information or defamation due to the data registered by an individual member, the company may delete this data without prior notice to the individual member and may notify it by mail after deletion.


15. Using data content
1. Information entered by individual members may be provided in an indistinguishable form and used as statistical data of relevant trends and may be distributed to the media through media.
2. For databases created by Influencer, postings, and videos posted on the site at the request of individual members, the company may use them as promotional materials.


16. Company's Duty
1. The Company shall make its utmost efforts to ensure continuous and stable service provision as provided under these Terms and Conditions.
2. The company shall deal with any complaints filed by the members regarding the service immediately. In the event of immediate difficulty in handling the complaints, it shall notify the member of the service screen or other methods.
3. The company shall preserve the payment details related to paid payment for more than five years in accordance with the provisions of the Commercial Act and other relevant statutes.
4. The company shall not be held liable for damages if unexpected events such as natural disasters occur or if the service is discontinued due to system failure. However, the company is obliged to do its best to restore the data or to provide normal service support.
5. If the member's data is provided or viewed by a third party for purposes other than this service, the member's consent must be obtained.
6. All registered data may be deleted without the member's prior consent if the data registered by the member is deemed to affect the smooth operation of the site. 


17. A member's duty
1. The members shall comply with the relevant statutes, the provisions of these terms and conditions, and other matters notified by the company, and shall not interfere with the company's work.
2. The member's application for paid service shall have a bond and debt relationship with the company upon registration or application, and the member shall pay the fee within the designated date.
3. If a member uses a credit card as a means of payment, the member shall manage the loss of information, such as passwords, on his or her own. However, the responsibility for the occurrence of information loss due to defects in the site does not fall under the obligation of the members.
4. The members shall not copy, duplicate, translate, publish, broadcast or otherwise use the information obtained using the service without prior consent from the company or provide it to others.
5. The members shall not use the service for purposes other than sound service use and shall not perform any of the following acts during use:
- Misuse of other members' IDs
- For the purpose of criminal activity or related to other criminal acts
- The act of defaming or insulting others;
- An act that infringes on the rights of others, such as intellectual property rights;
- Hacking or spreading viruses
- The act of continuously transmitting certain contents, such as advertising information, against the will of others
- Actions that are deemed to interfere with or threaten the stable operation of the service
- Commercial actions that are not within the normal scope of use for information and services on the site
- Other acts that harm good customs and other social order or violate related statutes
- Posting or disseminating content that may be offensive to others


18. Register/Stop service/Delete data of members
1. When an individual member intends to terminate his or her membership, he/she must apply for the cancellation using the customer center, and the company shall take necessary measures to immediately sign up (withdrawal of members).
2. In the event that "members" terminate the contract, all data of "members" shall be destroyed upon termination, except in the case that "company" retains its member information in accordance with the relevant laws and privacy policies.
3. The company may sign up without prior consent if the following are applicable:
- When the member's obligations are not faithfully fulfilled,
- When a defined fee for the use of paid services has not been paid,
- When social water is generated by utilizing information in areas not suitable for this service purpose
- When the information registered by the member is not true or manipulated
- When a member is registered for a purpose that has damaged the reputation of this service or is not suitable for the company's judgment
4. In the event that the members of an individual are using the paid service and the members are not provided with normal service by the company's responsibility, the member may request the termination of this service and the company shall calculate the number of days of service as the daily basis amount by the date of termination and refund the amount after deduction.
5. The company may arbitrarily delete the member's information in the event that the member has been unregistered. 


19. Sleeping ID
1. In the event that a member does not log in during the period of personal information retention selected by the member, the member's ID will be dormant and the member's use of all services, including the member's login, will be suspended, and the company will manage the personal information of the dormant ID separately from the other ID.
2. The company informs the service suspension through e-mail 30 days before the service suspension pursuant to paragraph 1. If the service is suspended, it shall notify the service suspension again via e-mail.
3. After the suspension of service use, the members can use the service normally again as soon as they apply for the cancellation of their dormant status through their own identification on the website. 


20. damage compensation
1. The company shall indemnify the users for damages caused by the company's actions in violation of the provisions of Articles 9, 16 and 19 of this Agreement or for damages caused by the company's responsible reasons in connection with all other services provided by the company.
2. In the event that a member causes damages to the company and a third party or causes damages to the company or a third party for the member's responsible reasons, the member shall indemnify the damage.
3. The company shall not be responsible for the failure or loss of the members' expected profits by using the services and shall not be liable for any damages unless the members violate the provisions stipulated in the Privacy Policy regarding the use of the services provided by the company for free.
4. The company shall be exempted from responsibility for providing the service if it is unable to provide the service due to natural disasters or the corresponding force maj
5. The company shall not be held liable for any impairment or damage to the service use caused by the member's will, negligence or cause attributable to the member among damages incurred by the member in relation to the service use. 


21. Adjustment of the error in the service charge
The company shall take the following actions at the request of the user or at the prior notice of the company in the event of an error in relation to the service charge. 

1. For overpaid charges, return the amount.
2. If a user is required to return a fee, he or she shall first deduct it from the fee to be returned.
3. The company may re-apply to the member after the following day for under-subscription. 


22. Private personal information protection of members
The company shall strive to protect the personal information of the users. As for the protection of users' personal information, the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection shall be followed and the "Personal Information Processing Policy" shall be notified on the site. 


23. agreement on the use of credit information provided
When the company intends to provide or utilize the personal credit information of members acquired in relation to membership to others, it shall disclose the cause and the name of the institution or subcontractor in advance in accordance with the provisions of Article 32 of the Act on the Utilization and Protection of Credit Information and obtain the member's consent. 


24. Resolution of Disputes
1. The company and its members shall make all necessary efforts to resolve disputes arising in connection with the service in a smooth manner.
2. Notwithstanding the efforts of the preceding paragraph, the case concerning the electronic transaction dispute between the company and its members shall be subject to the member's address at the time of the complaint and, in the case of no address, under the exclusive jurisdiction of the local court which governs the petition. However, the address or residence of the member at the time of the complaint is not clear, or in the case of foreign residents, the member shall be brought to the competent court under the Civil Procedure Act.